About Melody

Melody is a dancer and teacher integrating artistic, educational and somatic experiences in her research and process as community artist.

She has a background in design and art and took a two years full time training in Dance-theatre at the Theatre-Academy Paolo Grassi in Milan (2002). In 2009 she received a postgraduate certification in Community Dance at Laban (London, UK). Currently she is taking a Somatic Movement training SME in Body Mind Centering.

Areas of her movement research and training are: Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Movement Improvisation, Action Theatre, Body-Mind-Centering, Thai Yoga massage, Meditation.

In the last 10 years she has been working as a dance teacher mainly in England, but also in Italy, Austria and Spain. She has brought dance and body awareness to children from age 6 months to 14 years and adults of all ages and abilities.

"I find in our modern lifestyle, with its reliance on mind and technology, a general lack of mobility.
I like to help people reconnect to the physical body and learn to welcome feelings and sensations with the aim of fully inhabiting their body like a temple.
Movement is a natural human need and as a non verbal language it is able to transcend barriers of culture, language and age.''

Melody's wish is to make the joy of movement accessible to everyone.
Please find in this PDF the full CV with all details and current projects and dance-classes