Prices and booking
(Prices include all materials)
Different services offered:

Face Painting

Melody can paint an overage of 10 full faces per hour depending on design type.

  • Paint per hour (2 hours minimum)
  • Discount for more than 2 hours and people living in my area.
  • Paint per face (different price for special makeup or for an individual client)
  • Paint per day
  • Travel expenses with in Vienna are included otherwise are to be discussed with client.

Pregnant Belly painting

  • Pregnant Belly painting , one session ( 1 to 2 hours)
  • Growing Belly Painting , 2 or 3 painting sessions  at different stages of your pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Care Pack, a full Somatic Body experience  on the side of your belly paint that help you to connect with your body and your baby,  you can book 2 sessions or one at your choice that include:

1 professional pregnancy massage

1 movement-dance session ( experiential anatomy & BMC)

Body painting


Call me to discuss my services and check availability with no obligation to book.
Or email me for a quote stating your requirements including:

  • Date
  • Venue
  • Time
  • Approximate number of people